Two mates drifted into port after a long, sun drenched stint on the reef. Parched and weary, but still buzzing from an unforgettable time in paradise, all they needed to complete this perfect day was to reminisce over a top-notch local brew or two.

And this is where the story really begins...

Like a marlin striking skirted lure, it suddenly hit them. Their piece of paradise was without a beer they could proudly call their own, or a place to drink it for that matter.

Being true journeymen, they decided right then and there to embark on their next great adventure - to open a brewery that reflected their love of the area.

Perhaps it was an overdose of vitamin D speaking or simply a moment of clarity, either way, their grand idea to build Hemingway’s Brewery, Port Douglas was born.

Now, in one of the world’s most unspoiled, untouched and untapped destinations, their spirit of adventure and passion for beers with a story have been brought to life.

Tales of fact and fiction inspired by the utopian surrounds and savoured through beers crafted from ingredients as pure - the finest hops, locally sourced base malts, and of course, the crystal waters from the Mossman Gorge.

With Hemingway’s Brewery, locals now have a genuine local, visitors can feel like locals themselves, and both are always welcome to pull up a stool to finish a journey, with an ale and a tale, before they too embark on their next great adventure.

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