Hemingway’s Brewery has flown the flag for Far North Queensland’s burgeoning craft beer industry by bagging gold at the 2021 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) held on Thursday 20 May in Melbourne.

Hemingway’s Brewery CEO Tony Fyfe said it’s great news for Hemingway’s and Far North Queensland’s industry.

 “After what has been a difficult year, this is the type of news we want to shout from the rooftops! We entered eight beers in the AIBA competition, the largest beer awards in the world, and came away with eight medals including five gold, one silver and two bronze.

“Kudos and thanks go to our hard working and talented brew team who truly deserve this recognition.  Craft brewing is an artisan process and one that requires great skill, patience and attention to detail.  It is not something that anyone can do so we feel really lucky to have the best here in Cairns in Nico, Paul and Tim,” said Mr Fyfe.

Hemingway’s brewers, Head Brewer Nico Leffler and his brew team Paul Cook and Tim Finney, attended last night’s awards but are expected back in the brewery on Monday.

Hemingway’s AIBA awards as follows:

The Prospector Pilsner - Gold

7th Heaven Tropical Ale - Gold

Mr Wong Hefeweizen - Gold

Three Falls NEIPA - Gold

Coral Cay IPA – Gold

Bump Track Dark Lager – Silver

Pitchfork Betty Pale Ale – Bronze

Tunnel 10 Lager - Bronze

About AIBA 

AIBA is Conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The AIBA is the largest annual beer competition in the world assessing both draught and packaged beer and attracts around 2,600 entries from more than 400 breweries in 26 countries.

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