German-style Lager
Brewer Notes

A German-style lager using traditional old-world Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops. Golden in colour with a toasty malt base, delicate bitterness and a soft finish. A sessionable lager suited to laidback afternoons in our tropical climate.

Beer Story

Colour: Golden

Body: Medium

ABV: 5.0 %

IBU: 18

Malts: Pilsner, Munich

Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrueh

Three Falls

Brewer Notes

Stonefruit, tropical fruits, juicy in aroma and flavour balanced with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel thanks to a generous addition of oats. The round bitterness is supported by a low malt backbone and a lasting sweetness.

Beer Story

Ellinjaa, Zillie, and Milla Milla falls make up a golden triangle on the waterfalls circuit on the tablelands. These three falls boast stunning beauty and are well worth the short trip up with friends to cool off in the FNQ heat. Here’s cheers to our tropical trio of tranquillity.

Colour: hazy yellow

Body: soft and medium

ABV: 6.4 vol. %

IBU: 35

Malts: Pale Malt, Rolled Oats, Wheat Malt, Carapils, Munich Typ 1

Hops: Callista, Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy

Yeast: Verdant IPA Yeast

Sunny Haze

Hazy Pale Ale
Brewer Notes

It pours straw-like in colour, with a decent white foam for style. It has a tropical fruit salad on the nose, think Pineapple, papaya, mango and passionfruit with whisps of cantaloupe. Layered with citrus and mild lychee elements as it warms up. The body is medium with a hop-saturated flavour lending towards some juice-like characters. Texturally you'll find some oaty silkiness finishing with a medium-low bitterness.

Beer Story

A blend of New Zealand and US hops deliver a seductive aroma of fresh crushed citrus rounded with ripe tropical characters. A Juicy, tropical brew that is totally crushable.

Colour: Pale straw.                                                                                                           

Body: Medium                                                                                                                           

ABV: 4.2%                                                                                                                               

IBU: 20                                                                                                                             

Malts: Pale malt, Oat malt, Wheat malt, Chit malt, Toffee malt                                                           

Hops: Taiheke (Hop Flowers), Centennial, Citra, Mosaic Lupomax, El Dorado