Blood Orange

Brewer Notes

A hoppy session-able IPA with blood orange added to give it a big hit of Citrus flavour and bitterness. It’s a small beer full of flavour. Easy to drink and perfect for the start of spring.

Beer Story

This session-able IPA has all the bitterness you would expect from an IPA, balanced with the citrus tanginess of blood oranges making this easy drinker a little different from your typical IPA. A big flavour low ABV beer perfect for a drinking session.


Available online and in venue from 4pm Friday 8th September

Colour: Brown

Body: Medium Body

ABV 3.8

IBU: 45

Malts: Ale, Pale, Caramunich 2, Caraamber

Hops: Sultana

Devils Reserve

Barrel-aged Porter
Brewer Notes

This porter has picked up notes of dried fruits like raisins, plums and vanilla as well as rum and tannins from the wood.

Beer Story

In collaboration with award-winning Devils Thumb Distillery we crafted this barrel-aged porter in Australian rum casks which previously held a mix of red wine and Australian Whisky. The casks are now destined to return to Devils Thumb Distillery in Port Douglas for use as finishing casks on their limited edition rums.

Each 750ml bottle is hand-filled, sealed with wax and individually numbered. There will only be approximately 350 bottles.

Available for takeaway in venue only.

Colour: Deep black with brown head

Body: Full bodied beer

ABV: 8.8 %

Malts: Midnight wheat, Pilsner, Munich type 1, Rye, Beech Smoked, Caraaroma, Carafa 2 & Caramunich 2

Hops: Colombus & Ella

Firepit Porter

Baltic Porter
Brewer Notes

Rich with lots of roasted flavours, think black coffee and chocolate with a hint of caramel and smokiness. It is a deep dark black with a creamy white head but with a lighter mouthfeel than you’d expect from a Porter due to being fermented with Lager yeast giving a dry finish.

Beer Story

Dark as the midnight sky with a head as thick as fog. Rich, smoky and malty aromas like damper baking on the fire. From the first sip you are back around the firepit sharing tales with friends and family.

A beer for contemplations, the adventurous, a beer for a good time out with your mates and a good yarn under the stars.

Colour: Dark

Body: Medium

ABV: 6.1 %

Malts: Midnight wheat, Pilsner, Munich type 1, Rye, Beech Smoked, Caraaroma, Carafa 2 & Caramunich 2

Hops: Colombus & Ella


German-style Lager
Brewer Notes

A German-style lager using traditional old-world Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops. Golden in colour with a toasty malt base, delicate bitterness and a soft finish. A sessionable lager suited to laidback afternoons in our tropical climate.

Beer Story

Brewed for Oktoberfest 2022.

Colour: Golden

Body: Medium

ABV: 5.0 %

IBU: 18

Malts: Pilsner, Munich

Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrueh