Article from FNQ Food Magazine


In the picturesque setting of Cairns Marina lies the iconic heritage-listed building of Hemingway’s brewery. Here, Roman Haslinger, head of hospitality for the venue, brings his international experience and genuine passion for providing unparalleled customer service.  

Originally from Munich in Germany, Roman’s journey began with aspirations of becoming a chef. He soon after completed an associate degree in Events Management which led to him working for a catering company in Munich. After working in this field for a few years, Roman’s parents moved to India where he would have encounters with hospitality during his visits. This sparked an even deeper passion for the industry which led to him completing a master’s degree in hospitality management in Sydney, where he eventually settled.

Roman’s commitment to genuine hospitality is evident as he disagrees with the compromise of authenticity for financial gains. He says, “For me, the important thing is that there is passion in things […] once you lose the passion the job is no longer fun.”

He continues to state, “You need to love your customers, you need to love your product, and you need to love the ambience and atmosphere you create in your restaurant.”

His journey at Hemingway’s began during a pivotal moment – just three weeks before the Covid-19 lockdown was implemented in 2020. However, he took this opportunity to implement his own ideas for the venue and came up with a business plan.

This meant that as soon as doors opened three months later, the Far North Queensland location was ready to welcome domestic tourists and proved to be a popular hub for offsite functions.

Since then, Hemingway’s has thrived as a venue, and this pays tribute to the staff and culture. Roman’s team building revolves around hiring based on character rather than experience, and he expresses that a love for people and a positive attitude are the foundation for successful hospitality.

The influence of German beer culture is evident in Hemingway’s commitment to freshness and traditional brewing methods. Drawing from his studies at Weihenstephan, the oldest brewery in the world, Roman has imported these values to the venue. He expresses how beer in Germany is akin to wine for an Italian, - an integral part of a meal. Reflecting this, Hemingway’s outdoor setting is reminiscent of a beer garden in Germany. The idea behind this is so that individuals from different walks of life can come together and socialise.

Roman Haslinger’s journey, from Bavarian beginnings to the cultural hub of Cairns Marina, captures a unique blend of German beer traditions and the innovative spirit of Hemingway’s craft. Under Roman’s guidance, the venue continues to be a testament to the harmony between tradition and innovation in the world of beer.