Brewing beer is an energy intensive process so Hemingway's Brewery encourages our team to identify new sustainable practises. Examples of sustainable practises include:

Local Environment

  • Sharing profits from 7th Heaven Troical Ale with GBR Legacy (find out more)
  • Removing plastic straws from our venue
  • Using paper takeaway bags
  • Selling multi-use growlers
  • Recyclable cans and bottles
  • Striving to become a paper-less office

Community Engagement

  • Participating in Port Douglas Carnivale
  • Benefiting Tangaroa Blue
  • Brew Crew participating in regular beach clean-ups
  • Sponsoring Reef-to-Reef
  • Staff involvement in Business Events Port Douglas Committee for Tourism

Local Economy

  • Recycling our spent grain to cattle farms
  • Purchasing fruit and vegetables from local farmers
  • Donating proceeds from Karma Kegs to "Fighting for our Farmers" 2018 Rotary Drought Relief Fund