Tunnel 10

Brewer Notes

A light bodied, refreshing, clean lager with a subtle grassy, spicy hop note and crisp finish.

Beer Story

In 1910, during the construction of the Cairns-Kuranda railway, a landslide downed Tunnel 10 and the supply of ale. With brains, brawn, and beer as motivation, workers perilously rolled barrels of brew around a mountain to ensure cheer was served – cheers to that.

COLLECTION: Flagship Range
COLOUR: Straw pale
BODY: Light
ABV: 4.2%
IBU: 20
HOPS: Spalter & Motueka

The Prospector

Bohemian Style Pilsner
Brewer Notes

A Bohemian style Pilsner with robust biscuity, bready, malt flavour, and subtle floral and lime aroma balanced by a prominent bitter finish.

Beer Story

James Venture Mulligan was the first to find gold in the Palmer River. It was because of his thirst for adventure and tireless efforts that Port Douglas came to be, and it’s his story that has inspired the refreshing brew you’re holding. 

COLLECTION: Flagship Range
COLOUR: Golden
BODY: Medium
ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 38
MALTS: Pilsener, Munich and Carapils
HOPS: Wakatu and Columbus

7th Heaven

Tropical Ale
Brewer Notes

Aromas of pineapple and juicy citrus. Very easy drinking with low bitterness levels and bright finish. A very refreshing and sessionable beer.

Beer Story

Visiting Far North Queensland, you soon discover why many come for a getaway, and a good many never go home. It’s a feeling that can’t be explained on the back of a beer, and yet we’ve somehow managed to capture it in one. But don’t take our word for it, take a sip and feel it for yourself.

COLLECTION: Flagship Range
COLOUR: Pale golden
BODY: Light
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 25
MALTS: Ale and Wheat
HOPS: Victoria's Secret, El Dorado and Galaxy

The Endeavour

West Coast IPA
Brewer Notes

The West Coast IPA is a big hop hit balanced with malty sweetness. There is a distinct pine and citrus aroma from the Simcoe and Mosaic hops and the rye malt adds a smoothness and drinkability that belies its alcohol content.

Beer Story

After reaching Australia’s east coast, Captain James Cook and his fair lady, HMS Endeavour, headed north into the ultimate test of their union – the Great Barrier Reef. Persistence prevailed and now the unbreakable bond of a bloke and his boat is celebrated with this ale.

COLLECTION: Flagship Range
COLOUR: Reddish amber
BODY: Heavy
ABV: 7.4%
IBU: 70
MALTS: Pale, Munich, Rye and Wheat
HOPS: Simcoe and Mosaic

Pitchfork Betty’s

Pale Ale
Brewer Notes

A flavourful Pale Ale with biscuity and caramel sweetness balanced by a hearty bitterness and distinct citrussy and tropical fruit hop aroma.

Beer Story

She ruled a local watering hole not with an iron fist, but with a trusted and slightly rusted pitchfork. A staunch defender of the good times and good life in Port Douglas, and inspired the beer you hold in your hand.

COLLECTION: Flagship Range
COLOUR: Pale amber
BODY: Medium
ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 35
MALTS: Ale, Maris Otter, and Caramunich
HOPS: Columbus, Galaxy, Cascade and Centennial 

Doug's Courage

Brewer Notes

A full bodied and flavoured XPA with intense citrus and resinous hop bitterness and aroma complimented by a toffee and caramel malty backbone.

Beer Story

March 16, 1911 – the day Port Douglas was flattened like a shaken-up beer by a very mean cyclone. Battered but hardly beaten, a band of gutsy locals rebuilt, and today their spirited fortitude lives on in the ale you’re holding.

COLLECTION: Flagship Range
COLOUR: deep amber
BODY: full
ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 60
MALTS: Ale, Maris Otter, Crystal Malt
HOPS: Columbus, Citra and Cascade