Hemingway's Brewery is a Gastro Brewpub situated on the beautiful Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina in Port Douglas. Hemingway's is the first of its kind in Far North Queensland and offers a relaxed vibe where you can enjoy hand crafted beers suited to the tropical climate and fresh local produce. 



James Venture Mulligan, a man of few words but many feats, came to this country looking to strike it rich in the goldfields.

As fate would have it though, he missed the southern gold rush. But like the journeyman he was, he stayed true to his character, and name for that matter, and ventured to Far North Queensland.

With purpose in heart and pickaxe in hand, he eventually found the gold for which he yearned, and a lot of it too. So much so that a port was formed that would later become known as Port Douglas.

With his name firmly etched into the history books, and his gold-digging days behind him, he set his sights on more gold - this time it was the liquid variety. He procured a pub and went on to serve many a thirsty prospector who, like him, shared a strong desire to lead a life less ordinary.

Thanks to JV’s story, locals and visitors alike needn’t travel far to get their hands on pure gold. They can simply open a bottle of The Prospector Pilsner.

Crafted with pure waters from the Mossman Gorge, the light and bright classic-style beer provides a crisp and refreshing finish unfiltered to ensure the fullest of flavour - perfect for modern day adventurers.

IBU 24 AV 4.5%