Hemingway's Brewery is a Gastro Brewpub situated on the beautiful Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina in Port Douglas. Hemingway's is the first of its kind in Far North Queensland and offers a relaxed vibe where you can enjoy hand crafted beers suited to the tropical climate and fresh local produce. 



In Far North Queensland, back in the late 1800’s, if you weren’t looking to strike it rich in the gold rush, you were looking to get rich waiting for the fish to strike.

This place lured many a fisherman wanting to change their fortune and, for the most part, nature shared its plentiful bounty, especially if you were in the sea slug trade.
Apparently, sea slugs are quite the delicacy in Chinese cuisine - they taste like chicken, slippery, slippery chicken, or so we’re told. Needless to say, there was huge demand for the odd looking creatures and one savvy gentleman was willing enough to satisfy this hunger, Captain Robert Watson.
Together with his wife, baby daughter, and servant, he set up camp on Lizard Island and began reeling in the riches. By the 1880’s, business was booming, but it wasn’t meant to be.



During one of the Captain’s absences, an indigenous tribe from the mainland attacked their cottage. With no credible vessels in sight, Mrs Watson, accompanied by her baby and servant, fled the isle in the next best thing - a barrel used to prepare the sea slugs for sale.

In a rather ironic turning of the tides, after years of boiling sea slugs in barrels, it was their time to slug it out on the sea and be boiled. Sadly, they weren’t able to reach an island safe enough to land and all three perished. Their tale of determination lives on in our Mrs Watson’s Small Ale.

Crafted with pure waters from the Mossman Gorge, Galaxy hops and caramalts, this low-alcohol, easy drinking ale features an orange colour, delivering tangerine and caramel taste characteristics. It's the beer for the longer sessions, but more importantly, the perfect cure for the meanest of thirsts.

IBU 30 AV 3.5%