Hemingway's Brewery is a Gastro Brewpub situated on the beautiful Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina in Port Douglas. Hemingway's is the first of its kind in Far North Queensland and offers a relaxed vibe where you can enjoy hand crafted beers suited to the tropical climate and fresh local produce. 



Before reliable roadwork and bitumen, getting from A to B in the tropics during the late 1800’s was no easy task.

When gold was found in the Palmer River near Port Douglas, the rush was on. A rush that was quickly reduced to a crawl as no decent route to that coast had been established. That was until Christie Palmerston stumbled upon The Bump Track, which would go on to provide a road between the dense hinterland and the waiting steamships at port.

The term ‘road’ is used loosely in this instance, as it was no leisurely Sunday drive. The Bump Track was a steep, unforgiving and strenuous journey. It was only 6kms long, but would’ve felt more like 600, particularly because the most reliable mode of transport in those days had an engine output of only one horsepower.



But gold fever is an alluring mistress, so the prospectors trudged on, back and forth, day in, day out, hauling machinery with logs fastened behind to avoid slipping. Indeed, it brought true meaning to the saying ‘no pain, no gain’.

Strangely though, The Bump Track was in constant use until a better passage to Cairns was built more than 50 years after its discovery.

Today, it’s enjoyed by those who want to take in the wilderness rather than take from it, still its notorious beginning lives on with our Hard Yards Dark Lager.

Crafted with pure waters from the Mossman Gorge and built upon a pilsner backbone, this crisp, light-bodied larger is overflowing with colour malts, new world hops and finished with low bitterness. Malt dominates with chocolate, coffee and biscuit flavours apparent. It’s one for the adventurous, the purists and, thankfully, easier to swallow than a stint on The Bump Track back in 1877.

IBU 11 AV 4.7%