First International Collab for Hemingway's Brewery

Trans Tasman Lager

Hemingway's is proud to release our first international collab thanks to an intitaitve from Deep Creek Brewing co in Auckland, NZ. The Trans Tasman Lager plays on the strengths of both breweries who have won trophies for their Pilsners (A style of lager) at the 2019 AIBA awards with the aim to create a hoppy lager or IPL (Indian Pale Ale) style that suited the climate here in the tropics. [ Full tasting notes here ]

Hemingway's head brewer Nico Leffler and Deep Creek head brewer Hamish Ward faced communication challenges as they were limited to zoom calls to discuss recipes and brewing process to achieve the flavours desired.

"We were always going to be lead by the people using the equipment day in day out. They know best what recipes work. The main thing for us is carrying out the concepts and having a feel for which ingredients work together and finding common ground." Ward said.

Nico couldn't have been happier with the end result.

"Yeah I'm happy, I'm really curious how the people will find it. The hop note and hop flavour is really good in this beer thanks to the caramel malt backbone"

Hamish and the team at Deep Creek Brewing Co now wait patiently for the first case of freshly canned Trans Tasman Lager to reach NZ shores so they can sample the goods but distribution remains solely on Australian soil. 

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