Our clean, crisp mid strength is here.

Canecutter Lager

A Mid Strength Beer Actually Brewed Here

Canecutter Lager mid-strength has landed and is here to stay. After a very successful response to the limited release FNQ Resilience Lager, we made a few minor improvements to the brewing process and hop regime to present the newest member of the core range filling a much needed gap in the mid strength category.


The official launch to the public was held Friday August 2020 at Hemingway’s Brewery Cairns and Port Douglas and was met with a positive response to the free tastings as we chatted with the punters.


According to CEO and Founder, Mr Tony Fyfe, Canecutter Lager is inspired by the sugar cane fields that surrounds this region. The late 1940's saw an influx of immigrants coming in searching for work on cane farms. These cane cutters of a bygone era worked in the fields under the sweltering sun without complaint. They strengthened an industry which Far North Queensland is built on. 


We have created a perfectly sessionable and thirst-quenching lager for the Far North Queensland climate. Best of all it is brewed right here in the Far North for locals in the Cairns & Port Douglas region. “It’s all very well having great beers that are big on flavour and aroma, but they also tend to be higher in alcohol and you have to stop at just one or two. Canecutter Lager is the perfect sessionable beer. You could say it really is the Beer From up Here,” says Fyfe.


Canecutter Lager is a mid-strength lager (3.5% ABV) with clean, citrus flavours on the palate with tropical, passionfruit and watermelon aromas. Showcasing great Australian hops with a low bitterness and a crisp, refreshing finish. Perfect for a BBQ or day out with friends and family. It is available for purchase from either the Port Douglas or Cairns Wharf venues where you can enjoy it on tap or grab on the go for takeaway. It is also available an expanding list of local bars, cafes and independent bottle stores.


For keg sales contact sales@hemingwaysbrewery.com