Hemingway's Brewery is a microbrewery, bar and restaurant offering authentic craft brews. We are situated in the beautiful Reef Marina, Port Douglas, making it a perfect locale for events. Hemingway's has a dedicated functions space, upstairs@hemingway°s, with fabulous marina and sunset views.



Far North Queensland is blessed with more than its fair share of natural wonder. Lush, untapped rainforests with cascading waterfalls, the dazzling reef with its unmatched splendour, and pristine beaches that present perfect opportunities to frolic in the shallows (preferably in slow motion).

But where there’s boundless beauty, there’s sure to be beasts - big ones.

Here, pretty much all of Mother Nature’s creations are mega and meaner than your average fauna. From spiders of dinner-plate proportions to mozzies the size of human thumbs, it’s best to have your wits about you even when you’re kicking back.

And speaking of kicking back, perhaps you’ve heard of the Cassowary, which proudly rules the dense vegetation around these parts. The second heaviest bird on Earth, but easily the most intimidating, these flightless furies of the feathered kind are part dinosaur and all angry. Armed with a pair of daggered claws and adorned with a granite-like crest, they’re definitely a local you don’t want to butt heads with or get your kicks from, if you know what we mean.



Thankfully, you won’t see them pestering locals and visitors for a hot chip at the beach. No, they’re the strong, silent type and tend to shy away from the public eye, which is more than OK with us.

While you may never cross paths with a Cassowary, you can always enjoy its liquid equivalent in our Kick Back Ginger Beer.

Crafted with pure waters from the Mossman Gorge and infused with the finest locally sourced ginger, it’s a refreshing, thirst-quenching, tropical sensation that features a touch of sweetness and, of course, is finished with a big, spicy kick.