Hemingway's Brewery is a microbrewery, bar and restaurant offering authentic craft brews. We are situated in the beautiful Reef Marina, Port Douglas, making it a perfect locale for events. Hemingway's has a dedicated functions space, upstairs@hemingway°s, with fabulous marina and sunset views.



Thursday, March 16, 1911 - the day when Port Douglas faced its darkest hour. After a battering cyclone five weeks earlier, the community was flattened like a shaken up beer as furious Mother Nature roared into town and finished what was started the month before.

Lives were lost, livelihoods ruined, homes decimated, even the lighthouse was reduced to rubble. But this is a story where heart prevailed over hurt. Understandably people left, however there were the courageous few who banded together and rebuilt to continue the story of the place we love, Port Douglas.

It was a risky job, and not one for the fainthearted. It took true grit, and if you’ve ever been up this way, we’re sure you’ll agree it was the right decision.

Today, we celebrate their spirited nature and unflagging fortitude with our IPA, Doug’s Courage.

Crafted with pure waters from the Mossman Gorge, featuring a huge dry hopping regime that makes way for an aromatic overload of American based hops with citra and pine flavours high-alcohol style, it’s certainly a beer for the bold.

IBU 41 AV 5.6%